“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life time, we need to keep them alive.” Martin Scorsese

I love being on a film set and working with other people going after a common goal. I believe the relationship between the DOP and the director to be very important. Having some experience in both roles I feel I understand what directors want from their cinematographers and more importantly what they don’t want!

I am an experienced cinematographer and camera operator and have worked on many interesting productions in the past from arthouse films to documentaries in Borneo and South Africa. I shot my first feature film last year as DOP and I’m looking to shoot more.

Below is a clip from a recent feature film I was DOP on which shows my ability in lighting and camera movement.

I  pride myself on creating a high budget look on a low budget and finding interesting ways to produce narratively and visually stimulating work. In order to deliver the highest standards for my clients, I have familiarised myself with many different production cameras from Arri, Red, Sony and Canon cameras and have amassed an extensive collection of equipment, including the Red Weapon, Sony FS7, Movi Pro, Canon cine lenses and Dedolights. This not only gives me more options creatively, but also ensures I am able to be flexible according to the specific demands of the project.

I am also a trained colourist which means I can either perform the grade on smaller projects or work with your colourist to build a LUT we can use on set so we can light our film knowing what the final film will look like.