“I think advertising has realised that after 30 years it must shift back to entertainment and stop treating their consumers like demographics. This is pure art that we are doing.” Ridley Scott

I am an experienced cinematographer and camera operator and love shooting commercial work as it can be very creative but with a sharp focus. Having shot many tv commercials, music videos, e-commerce videos and film content for bluechip brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Co-Op, Barclays bank, Travel For London, Mitsubishi Motors, Sainsbury’s, Passionata underwear and Accurist watches. I am very good at injecting creativity into what are already globally recognised brands, with their own voice. This experience allows me to be relaxed and work calmly around clients.

In order to deliver the highest standards for my clients, I have familiarised myself with many different production cameras such as Arri, Red, Sony and Canon cameras and have amassed an extensive collection of equipment, including Red Weapon, Sony FS7, Movi Pro, Canon cine lenses and Dedolights. This not only gives me more options creatively, but also ensures I am able to be flexible according to the specific demands from my clients. Please check the kit section of this website for more information.

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