About Me

I started making films in 2008 after finishing my degree in visual art. I was shooting director on numerous short films shot in Brighton, East Sussex. In 2010 I decided to do it professionally and started working with local companies making promotional videos and tv commercials for a local tv station.

As my career as a cinematographer has progressed I have always made sure that I continue making my personal projects. Over the last few years I have directed Yayo (2015) and two short documentaries called Point of No Return (2016), shot in Borneo. And Saving Private Rhino (2019) shot in South Africa.

Over the next year I will be collaborating with the Raindance film festival with a short to feature project called Terror London. It’s a psychological horror about a group of people trapped underneath a restaurant during a suspected terror attack on London. The short will be shot during the summer of 2019 and the feature will be shot in spring/summer 2020.